How To Do The Perfect DIY Gel Pedicure

How To Do The Perfect DIY Gel Pedicure

Learn how to do the perfect at-home gel pedicure with Gelicious Gel Nails! 

In this video, Gelicious owner Tatyana, demonstrates how simple it is to do your own pedicure in 6 easy steps.

Benefits of the DIY gel pedicure

Save money at the salon and do your own gel pedicure! When you see how easy it is to do it yourself, you'll save lots of money on salon visits! Invest that money on new gel colours, and enjoy beautiful pedicures all year, at a fraction of the cost.

Gelicious Gel Nails last for ages - even longer on toes! While Gelicious is designed to be removed after 2 weeks on fingernails, it will last more than a month on toes. Still easy to remove by soaking in water and peeling off. 

The Gelicious Pro-To-Home Starter Kit is the perfect shape of lamp to slide your feet in, ensuring a nice even cure across all toe nails. The gel nail kit comes with a lamp, a peel-off gel and the colour of your choice. Great value! 

Gelicious always offers 4 gel nail colours for the cost of 3. Amazing value, and more than 120 colours to choose from! 

Check out the range of Gelicious gel nail colours here. 

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