Why Gel Nail Manicures Are Better Than SNS

Why Gel Nail Manicures Are Better Than SNS

We love choices! And from price, to quality, to longevity, there are many that can be made when deciding on the type of manicure you want. What we don’t want is having to choose between nails that are weak and damaged and those that peel off after a day or two.
SNS has become a popular choice recently for a long-lasting manicure, but in our opinion, gel nail brands like Gelicious are a much better choice for a healthy manicure. 

So, what is SNS?
SNS is short for ‘Signature Nail Systems’ and is a manicure that requires repeated dipping into a powder that hardens on the nail. No LED or UV lamp is needed to set SNS, which is how it gets its connotation of being more healthy and natural for your nails. However, it is essentially super glue dipped into an acrylic powder and needs to be ground off to be removed. Marketing will tell you that it’s also full of calcium and vitamin E that will leave your nails longer and stronger; these ingredients are in such a small amount that they are unable to provide any real benefit to the nail. They are also not within the glue or powder itself, but the cuticle oil after the manicure, which is what you would receive after any manicure. So overall, SNS is quite damaging to the nail.


How does this compare with Gelicious Gel Nails?
With Gelicious, there’s no compromise on healthy nails and long-lasting gel colour. Owned by Australian nail expert Tatyana Stojanovic of Colour & Co (named Geelong’s best and most popular beauty salon), Gelicious is a two-part system, simply painted on like nail polish and then cured under a safe LED light.
The vegan and cruelty-free gels have a salon finish that can be achieved in two ways:
- Gelicious can be applied like a regular gel manicure either at home or in the salon (and hundreds of nail salons across Australia and NZ do just that) OR
- Gelicious can be applied using its innovative Peel-Off Gel Base & Top Coat which lasts for around 2 weeks and allows the manicure to be easily removed at home.

Unique to Gelicious is its peel-off technology. Gelicious genuine gels are removed by heat activation and instead of chemicals and grinding, a simple soak in hot water for 60 seconds at home is all you need. The gel can then be nicked at the edge and gently peeled away. It does not take layers off or weaken the nail over time as SNS does, which means stronger, less damaged nails.

Gelicious is free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, tuolene, camphor, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, ethyl methacrylate, parabens, acetone, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) – which means no nasty gel polish smell! 

Gelicious gel nail manicure by Colour and Co

If you’re time-poor or unable to afford frequent salon visits, Gelicious offers a Starter Kit that is easy to use and includes a curing lamp, Peel-Off Base + Top Coat, and your choice of coloured gel polish. Check out the video tutorials for how to best apply and remove the product, so you can become a nail expert, too!

Gelicious offers more than 130 gel nail colours to choose from – from bright reds to classic neutrals, moody hues, and everything in between. Gelicious delivers beautiful gel polish and strong, growing nails.


If you’re wanting to use the Gelicious peel-off system to create beautiful, genuine gel manicures from home, shop our starter kits via https://gelicious.com/collections/starter-kits.