A Self-Care Must For Stylish Travellers In 2022

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Gelicious Nail Co is excited to launch the Gelicious Travel Kit - a portable 'salon' that helps DIY nail enthusiasts to keep their manicures looking good while travelling. 

Available worldwide, Gelicious is the only brand with a peel-off gel nail base and top coat. We have pioneered a new way to create at-home gel manicures with salon-quality results.

While the 10 year old company has a legion of loyal customers in Australia and New Zealand, we exploded in popularity during the pandemic lockdowns when nail salons were closed. Now, Gelicious has released a new product that will enable DIY nail enthusiasts to keep their manicures looking good while travelling.


The Gelicious Travel Kit features an innovative LED lamp that is smaller and lighter than an iPhone. It opens up to simply place over the hand or foot for comfortable, easy manicures and pedicures.  The lamp uses a USB cord rather than a standard plug, enabling it to be plugged in to chargers, computers and hotel connections.

Included in the kit is a choice of Gelicious gel colour which dries instantly with the LED lamp, giving 10-14 days of flawless, chip-resistant results. The kit also includes the proprietary Gelicious Peel-Off Base and Top Coat. This step enables the gel colour to be simply soaked then peeled off. Unlike a traditional gel manicure, there's no need to book into a salon to remove the colour. It's perfect for a quick colour change or when on the move.


Gelicious owner Tatyana Stojanovic says "We're excited to keep fuelling the gel nail revolution by helping people take charge of their own manicures and pedicures. Gelicious is a very different product to nail polish, and it takes a little practise to get the hang of it... but once people get it, they never turn back!

"Gelicious helps anyone to create long lasting, salon quality manicures.  To me there is nothing more satisfying than seeing people enjoy doing their own nails, and growing in confidence each time they do it. The Gelicious Travel Kit just takes the level of convenience up a notch - it can literally be taken anywhere", says Tatyana.

Gelicious Gel Nail Travel Kit sells for $99, including worldwide delivery.


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