Be race day ready this Spring Carnival season with Gelicious

Be race day ready this Spring Carnival season with Gelicious

With the Spring Racing Carnival fast approaching, to get you race day ready we have chosen eight Gelicious gel colours to match your statement outfit this year. Be brave- swap your comfort for something bold and fun… We have!

This year is full of fun, flair, pastel, and shimmer. Who doesn’t love a statement nail to go with their beautiful outfit this spring racing season? Check out our top Gelicious colour choices for this year’s Spring Carnival below:

Cocktails In Flinders Lane

This gorgeous metallic silver has a slight purple touch. It’s very shiny, fun and sassy to top off your outfit of choice. This colour will allow you to shine bright at the races! Fancy some metallic silver sparkles? WEAR ME!

Gelicious Cocktails In Flinders Lane

Divine Vines

This lovely deep emerald green gel will match a black, white, pink, peach or orange outfit, and is very stylish (yet can also be grungy). This eye-catching colour works both on long and short nails and is definitely a statement colour. This colour is bold and striking. Want to feel confident and bold? WEAR ME!

Gelicious Divine Vines

Love Is Love

Our beautiful pastel/ baby blue. This year there will lots of pastel outfits rocking at the Spring Carnival. Love Is Love is very pretty yet smart and will add a slight pop of colour, suited to match any pastel dress or jumpsuit. It’s our favourite kind of blue. After something super pretty? WEAR ME!

Gelicious Love Is Love

The New Peach

This one is a definite winner. It’s very fresh, bright and stylish, finishing off any beautiful dress this spring season. The New Peach is simply stunning and will compliment most outfits, as it’s very versatile. This colour will add a little something for your stylish outfit pick. Want to feel fresh? WEAR ME!

Gelicious The New Peach

French White

Yes, you heard us! French is back in, and this stunning white gel colour will be a classic choice for your manicure and pedicure. French has been a go-to manicure for years, and it’s coming back strong this Spring Carnival season. An all-white nail look is also an amazing way to finish off any outfit you choose, bringing something special to complement your overall look. Feeling classic? WEAR ME!

Gelicious The French White

Bonnie & Clyde

This gorgeous metallic gold is a head-turner! Beautiful against any skin tone, Bonnie & Clyde is shiny, yet understated. You go girl rocking this absolutely stunning colour for Spring Carnival season! Oh, Bonnie… you’ve got me! Feeling cute and sparkly? WEAR ME!

Gelicious Bonnie & Clyde


A stunning bright red gel colour with a dash of pink and a dash of orange, this colour has been an absolute winner for every season, especially for this year’s Spring Carnival! It is gorgeous, classic, fun, stylish… and has that pop of colour to draw everyone’s eyes while you’re holding your glass of bubbles. Needing a pop of red? WEAR ME!

Gelicious Generosity

Sleep Til Noon

Perhaps we will be sleeping ‘til noon after too many champagnes this Spring Carnival, but you can never go past a black statement nail! Whether short and square or long and oval- black is black. Black is bold and sassy and will complement absolutely any outfit you choose to rock on whichever Spring Carnival day, especially Derby Day. Black is the new black, of course! Want a nail colour that’s mysterious, rich and glossy? WEAR ME!

Gelicious Sleep Til Noon

We hope you love our Gelicious gel colour choices this spring season as much as we love them! Whether you are wearing pastel, black, red or gold, these eight gel colours will make you look and feel confident at the races, completing your outfit beautifully. Wear them, be confident in them, be bold.

Lots of love,

Tatyana xo

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