Introducing FREE LOVE By Gelicious

Introducing FREE LOVE By Gelicious

Hey there, flower child! ✌️🌸🌈

The new Gelicious collection, Free Love has us stepping back into the Woodstock era!  Back when the air was filled with music and the vibes were as free as the wind.

FREE LOVE is a kaleidoscope of colours, each hue bursting with good vibes. Each gel nail shade is like a little slice of sunshine on your fingers (or toes), ready to brighten up your world and make you smile wherever you go.

Whether you're a pink lover, a blue enthusiast, or you groove with green or purple, there's a colour in this beautiful new range that'll speak to your soul.

The FREE LOVE collection includes: 

✌️ PEACE - Dive into the depths of the universe with this rich and groovy hue. A stunning deep navy blue that's like taking a dip in the midnight sky.

🌈 HIPPIE - Hippie will want you to dance in the fields, and live out your flower power dreams. A violet tone pink that brings out the warmth in your skin. 

🌼 DAISY CHAIN - Bask in the suns and sprinkle your world with rays of pure joy! A vibrant yellow shade that will brighten up your manicure along with your day. 

🌸 FLOWER POWER - Embrace those wild and free vibes with this strong, dazzling pop of pink. It's giving peace, love and self-expression. 

🕊️ HARMONY - Time to embrace some gentle vibes with our tranquil dusty pink! This subtle touch of colour is perfect for everyday adventures. 

💚 PSYCHEDELIC - An electric neon green created for fearless self expression. Make your manicure bold, bright and daring!

FREEDOM by Tash - Let your spirit soar as you dive into an ocean of energy! Our bright and blissful shade of teal. 

🎉 FESTIVAL - Lounge in a field of wildflowers and slip into the rhythm of deep purple! Our new vivacious, dusty deep violet shade. 

These new gel colours are perfect for using with our DIY Peel-Off Gel Nail Starter Kits, or for salon owners creating traditional gel manicures. Anyone can use the Gelicious Peel-Off Gel Nail System to create salon-quality gel manicures from the comfort of the couch. If you love all things empowerment, glam and self-care rituals, using Gelicious is a fun and safe way to create your own beautiful manicures!

If you can’t choose just one or two new colours, get all 8 for $174 (Save $58)


Peace, love, and endless waves of Free Love, man!

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