Introducing the new Gelicious Collection: Rain, Hail, or Shine

Introducing the new Gelicious Collection: Rain, Hail, or Shine

If you follow Gelicious Nail Co, you will have noticed that we embrace femininity and glam no matter the season.

With Rain, Hail or Shine, our boss babe Tatyana sought to create a bold gel collection to remind women of their strength and power all year round. She selected six highly-pigmented sparkly shades to create show stopping manicures and pedicures.

Tatyana says, “This collection is all about being super fierce. It represents the inner strength of women and the truth that strength and glamour can go hand in hand.”

The Rain, Hail, or Shine collection includes:

Bulletproof: A striking and bold shimmery copper. Full coverage and full of fun!

Desert Rose: A stunning metallic gold that will make your jewellery pop. Very understated glam.

Fire In Her Eyes: A sparkly red suited for special occasions and for those who love all-year-round glam.

Under My Umbrella: A vibrant mid royal blue. Great for manicures and pedicures as a feature nail.

Miracles: A gorgeous clear gel with blue and silver speckles. Perfect for use over nudes.

Dreams: A soft pink that reflects different colours in the light. Elegant, but fun.

Pass The Potion: Dark green perfection. This classy and fierce emerald will have you under its spell…

Midnight Magic: A beautiful charcoal with a black sparkle. The perfect shade of dark glamour.


These new gel colours are perfect for using with our DIY Peel-Off Gel Nail Starter Kits, or for salon owners creating traditional gel manicures. Anyone can use the Gelicious Peel-Off Gel Nail System to create salon-quality gel manicures from the comfort of the couch. If you love all things empowerment, glam and self-care rituals, using Gelicious is a fun and safe way to create your own beautiful manicures! 

If you can’t choose just one or two new colours, get all 8 for $160 (RRP $232)!

Shop our Rain, Hail or Shine collection on our website!


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